A woman with tattoos, wearing a red sleeveless top, reclines on a black backdrop with her eyes closed, embodying the spirit of learning to love our bodies.

Learning To Love Our Bodies Postpardom


I did my first session with Kellee in 2020. I was just over a year postpartum and still breastfeeding my daughter. I applied for a model shoot that she had planned. I was so nervous going into this session, but from the minute I walked in she made sure I was comfortable. I got hair and makeup done and was able to pick out something from her closet to wear. After just a few minutes of shooting I was relaxing into it and the nerves were melting away. The pictures turned out absolutely amazing. So, when she asked me to come in for a project, she was working on I said heck yes! I had another session with Kellee and a couple other photographers in February of this year. One of my friends was able to join in and my husband even jumped in on some shots. To say my husband was nervous and hesitant is an understatement. I had to beg and bribe him just to get him to come along. In the end he was happy he went through with it and wants Kellee to do our family pictures as well. Every single time I have been in Kellee’s studio I have felt so comfortable and at ease.

Boudoir sessions are such a confidence booster. I have always had body image issues. Even though I feel I look a certain way in the mirror, the pictures Kellee has captured of me show my body at its best. I can’t wait to get down to my goal weight and book another session. Hopefully, next time my husband will jump at the chance to join in.