A woman in a stylish black outfit posing dramatically with her head tilted back and eyes closed, during Stacey's Boudie Sesh in a room with brick walls and hanging lights.

Stacey’s Boudie Sesh


Well, it’s a new year, and that usually comes with some self-reflection, at least for me. A lot of folks run a list of resolutions, and I’m no exception. Mine looked a little bit different this year. You see, my last year has seen a lot of changes in my life, and I wanted to go into this new year with a north star. My single resolution: be confident! I like to say that I’m a work in progress, and I truly believe that the journey is the thing rather than the destination. This is where Bared Soul, and Kellee, came in. 

I had the opportunity to do a second shoot with Kellee, about a year after my first one. When I went into it, my mindset was completely different. It wasn’t “new” anymore, and so I felt more comfortable with what to expect, not only from the session itself, but also from myself. I reminded myself that I was in a safe place, and that I could just allow myself to feel what I felt and be authentic in the moment. What I was looking for from Kelle was to capture that, and coach me through the tough moments.  

When I reflect on this shoot compared to my last one, I SEE the confidence. I can FEEL my own power. There are pictures (my absolute favorites) that have REAL smiles, and laughter, and vulnerability. I brought that with me, and it translated because I knew it was okay to let it out. And every one of those photos is ME, but better.  

I can’t say enough how amazing an experience it is to go through this process and be open to being your true, authentic self. To feel safe, beautiful, powerful, vulnerable, and silly…. all in the space of a couple of hours is such a rush! I know that I am a better person for having had the courage to do it, and for trusting myself and the Bared Soul team. Trust is a hard thing for me, but Kellee was able to be present and thoughtful while also encouraging me to push on my own boundaries.  

So while I can’t say that I’m checking this resolution off my 2023 list completely, I will say that I’ve got one heck of a head start, thanks to my most recent Bared Soul experience!