A woman in red lace attire lying on a white fur rug, smiling at the camera during her boudoir session. She has dark hair and red lipstick.

If You’re On The Fence About Booking Your Boudoir Session…


Hey girl! You’ve probably heard of boudior photography, right? You’ve probably contemplated having your own session multiple times by now, am I right again? I’m challenging this to YOU, yes YOU, do it!! Do it for YOU. Schedule your first boudoir photoshoot with Kellee NOW! I’m not one to like being nakey, especially in front of someone other than my husband! Which, even that questions my own self confidence sometimes if I’m being honest. But, like you, I wanted to challenge myself and TREAT myself to a boudoir session to see what the hype was all about!! Girl, let me tell you! The hype is REAL! I walked into Kellee’s studio shaking like a leaf, breathing unsteady, just freaking out that this woman is going to see my butt cheeks and probably my boobies! But, that all changed as soon as Kellee gave me one of her famous welcoming hugs! She instantly starting pumping me up when I got there! We were jamming to some lady jams, eating chocolates and simply just having a blast that we’ve known each other our whole lives. It was incredible! THEN!!!! I got in a silky robe that made me feel like royalty and this super pretty girl named Heather walked in to do my hair and make up. She is now my forever hair stylist because I love her so much! Lol! Just the relationships I made that day was worth the price, girl. It was truly the most uplifting day I’ve ever experienced and we haven’t even started taking pictures yet! 

“But what do I do with my face, my hands, my booty, my feet!?” I freaked out for a solid week before my session on how I’m going to pose and look for pictures! Well sis, no need to worry! Kellee tells you step by step how to sit, stand, look, move and even breathe during your whole session! It’s literally fool proof. “But what the heck do I wear!?” You have a gigantic wardrobe to choose from! Literally hundreds of pieces are all hung up beautifully in Kellee’s studio. I felt like I was living the dream Barbie life. Before you know it, you’re looking smokin’ hott and feeling on top of the world! Ready to slaayyyy your photoshoot! And girl, trust me when I say it, that’s exactly what you’re going to do! 

I believe that one of the sincerest ways to give yourself the love and self-worth you deserve, is getting some boudoir photos done. The courage and strength a woman has to step in front of a camera and a photographer exposed, vulnerable and open, is such a powerful thing!! It is not an easy thing to strip down to your bare booty and be that free with yourself and your body in front of a photographer, especially if you’ve never met her! But, you won’t feel all these nerves once you meet Kellee. She’s one of the sweetest, most genuine girls you’ll ever meet and she will make you feel exactly like the queen you are!! 

So when I think of what it means to be a woman, I think of boudoir. The vulnerability that we all have and not being afraid to show it. I think of how damn sexy, crazy amazing, strong, intelligent and creative beings we are. Girl!!! Book that session!! You have deserved it for so long! I promise, you won’t regret it.