Close-up from Maria's Boudie Sesh, showing a woman with her eyes closed, touching her lips with a finger, and showing off a diamond ring. She has dark hair and wears makeup

Maria’s Boudie Sesh


No matter how many times you do a shoot, it is always so exciting and a bit nerve wracking. I had done a couple boudie shoots with Kellee prior to my ambassadorship. However, this shoot was MUCH different! Kellee had me sit on the couch across from her and had me practice different emotions and moving my hands around to capture more emotive pictures. It was SO different than any other session. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous.

As always, Kellee always reassures you and takes small breaks to show you the pictures she’s captured which is always so fun and reassuring. I truly can’t explain the confidence and empowerment you walk out with after you are done with your shoot!

What was really unique about this experience is that you get to join in on other sessions and you get to assist Kellee with things she may need help with and with capturing behind the scenes footage. It’s actually quiet fun to do this. I would say it is the best part of the brand ambassador experience. I got to see other women do shoots for the first time and you can tell they’re a bit nervous at the beginning. I mean, who wouldn’t be? You’re half naked in front of other people and probably doing something way out of your comfort zone… but as the session would go on, you saw their confidence build! You would see their faces as they saw the small sneak peeks of their pictures on the camera and their faces would light up!

This is what boudoir is all about, seeing other women become more confident and become more empowered. As my time as brand ambassador comes to an end, it bitter sweet. I am excited for someone else to have the opportunity and I’m grateful for the amazing group of women I got to know better through the group and sessions. I have definitely walked away with such a full heart and such a rewarding experience.