Woman reclining in a chair covered with a voluminous teal feather boa, looking at the camera, with a subtle smile, indoors.

Baredambassador Experience


Oh my goodness….. I can’t believe that it’s been three months already. The time has gone SO FAST and it’s been so wonderful, and I’m irrationally sad that it’s over. Okay, that probably didn’t make any sense, so let me back it up. 

Hi, my name is Stacey, and I’m a Bared Soul Ambassador. I’d love to share a little bit about my experience with you. 

I’m honestly not even sure HOW I became part of the Bared Soul VIP Group, but I’m super glad that someone invited me! I spent a lot of time doing what I suspect most people do – lurking a lot, making comments, and drooling over other people’s photos, all while being both intrigued and terrified at the idea of doing my own. 

Going into November of last year, Kellee started talking about this BA program she wanted to set up. I’ve been a BA for other startups – pole wear, wigs, makeup, and I’m aware that it can be a lot of work. I sort of walked away from the idea…. but I didn’t stay away. One night, I was brushing my teeth and thinking, “Why not?” And so I submitted the application, before I could find a way to talk myself out of it. 

As it happens, I was selected, and I feel like everything sort of went from, “no news” to “hit the ground running!” in short order. It was amazing! So what does a BA do? Well, there’s a daily group chat that Kellee, Steph, and I post in. We chat about shoots, events, posts…. pretty much what you’d expect. I make it a point to post, and respond to others’ posts, as often as I am able. Generally I try to shoot for two or three posts a day, and comment as much as I can. I attend shoots, whether my own or marathon sessions, or Boudie Calls, and help Kellee with what she needs, and also support and cheer for other ladies. I share my own pics and thoughts on social media. (So basically, what I’d be doing anyway, with a little more intention)

There are two things that stay with me about the last three months. First, the amount of confidence that I’ve gotten FOR MYSELF has been amazing. I’ve had three shoots now, and I feel like each time I go through one, I am more comfortable in my own skin, and I’m finding that I wear the clothes (or lack thereof) instead of them wearing me. The second thing is the RELATIONSHIPS I’ve built. Being able to interact with ladies on a daily basis, share fears and joys, participate in sessions…. it’s all been so beautiful. I’m naturally an introvert, so it’s hard for me to make friends, and somehow, I made a BUNCH of friends. 

I suppose my advice, were I going to give any, is this – if the opportunity ever opens up for you to have a shoot of your own, or be a BA, just DO IT. You will not regret it.